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Custom Motor Swaps

Swaps We've Completed:

  • rb20det
  • sr20det
  • rb25det
  • ka24det
  • rb26dett
  • 2jzgte
  • vh45de in many cars s13s, s14s, z32, MKIV supras

For custom swaps price is by the hour unless you recieve a quote for the job.

Teh average swap is around $2k min. and the price goes up depending on your needs.

FWD swaps are also available. Email us and we can discuss your project.



Roll Cages

Local guys looking for half cages and custom set ups please Email Russ@dangdrifters.com

Half Cages start at $800


  • Main hoop
  • Harness Bar
  • Diag from pass floor to above drives head ( in the main hoop)
  • 2 rear down bars to strut tower and a strut bar.

 ( if you just want main hoop and 2 down bars we can work it out)

If you are interested in a Professional FORMULA D cage,

Custom weld in cages from $1500 welded in DOM pipe 1.5 inch .095 wall as per formula D rule book.

We can make these to ship cost is $850 plus shipping. View here.



Welding & Fabrication

In house welding and fabrication services inluding:

  • tube frame front-ends
  • modified suspension pieces 
  • custom fabrication



Tire Mounting & Stretching

For drifters its $5 on and $5 off no ifs and or butts!
$5 per tire left behind.

If you have $2k rims 19×11 and want a 105 20 19 mounted I will mount it but will only try to air up once.

$20 on each tire. $20 off each tire for extreme cases.

Tires and rims sales in house always get free mounting!



Welding Diff

We weld differentials in the shop. $50 for weld service. We've never had a diff break in 10 yrs of welding. 


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