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Fackin Awesome Questions

Why doesn't my car run?

You're missing your Dang Drifters vinyl sticker. Get one here.

How can I pay you?

We accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal, EBT, you name it. For custom orders, contact us.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! But additonal shipping charges, tariffs and duties may apply. Email us at russ@dangdrifters.com for more info.

Is my privacy and credit card information secure?

Of course. We use HTTPS enabled checkout and all credit card processing occurs in the cloud.

What's the return policy?

In most cases, 30 days and buyer pays shipping. No returns on electrical items. 

How can I become a sponsored driver?

Come up to NH and drive at a Club Loose North Event!

Are you an Authorized Dealer?

We are an authorized dealer of ISC. Suspension parts, Prime Shades and Grip Royal Wheels

Do parts include a warranty?

All new parts carry factory warranties from the manufaturer. ISC for example, has a 5-year warranty on their suspension parts. 

How do I grow a beard like Russ?

Eat farm fresh New Hampshire food and don't drive like a bitch.


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