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WInter 2015-2016 Brief Recap of the season

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Its 20 degrees outside the river is frozen and so are my feet.  I have a s13 in my shop for a cage and cars outside for fuel systems and race pak digi dash clusters! and more friends hounding me for work! so you could say 2015 drift season in nh was a hit! we made history with amount of events, attendees at events and we also for the 1st time ever had a event on the NASCAR / ROAD COURSE track. a good buddy Ryan Tuerck came by and decided to enter at 140 mph and shredddd the banks! honestly was the most impressive thing ive ever seen a car do in front of my face. the off throttle time was insane SO MUCH SPEED! 

I drove maybe 4 events? total a few laps here n there mostly focusing on growth of NH drifting and drivers! I did however manage to get in a set of tires with ryan and his frs street car and on the last event i had a piston fail. opps lol I replaced that motor ASAP with a spare block from a local bro! in maine! thanks NICK! tossed that in with a t28 ball bearing turbo and a rps clutch did a few minor upgrades/ also got new / used wheels! 

she sits and waits til spring now! 

Never in a million years would I think NH drifting would grow so well. I guess all we needed was to come together and push for it. 

super pumped for 2016 and HIN! ( its in august hint hint! and will be a comp! ) looking to have a lil less events in 2016! but more awesome per event! ( prob have about 12 events ) thanks to all who have been along for the ride! means a ton to me! and to the people in the future who didnt know we drove hard in nh! SPREAD THE WORD! WE DRIFT! @clubloosenorth! ig page and facebook! get some! tell people! camping is a go for 16! and we will have many night time events to keep people sane! <3 

heres to 2016!

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