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Summer Smash 2 day


SOOOO we just had a 2 day event 9/17, 9/18 

Friday night people started to roll in, 36 ft rv towing a trailer with a ls1 powered bmw. earl.

lots of people trickled in over the night and by morning the place was filling up, weather was legit perfect. late night fri was chilly but waking up to it was nice and refreshing. love cool nh mornings esp when you know its going to warm up in a little bit once the suns goodness hit you. 

heres a little bit of raw footage from Saturday from my go pro I was kinda busy most of the day but did make an effort to catch some footage of you guys! 


ill be cutting the 2nd video up ASAP and it will most likely be 2 videos I have MUCH more footage from sunday then sat

and again thanks for coming to party with CLUB LOOSE! NJ has a event coming up so do not miss it! 

( follow club loose , club loose north , club loose II and club loose ireland on fb!)

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