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Dang Drifters Goes on the Road. Eastern VT.


Had a buddy hit me up to do some work on his car, IE figure out why it wont fire up.

after a lil nosing around I sorted the issue got on the phone and made it all work out. 

Tossed in a heater core hose I had and gave bro dood some advice.

I forced him to make a list of things to be done and guided the young brother to greatness! lol but really just un stumped this kids build. Glad I got the chance to go out to his place and enjoy the day and ride, although on the way home some weirdo in a mini van decided to road rage with me, I just let him do his thing instead of putting him in a headlock on the side of the road, after you see this video you'll understand why I played it so cool. was a great day and great ride. 

Thankful for the chances to do stuff like this. If you looking for someone to come help you out on your drift build esp s chassis and sr20dets lmk. I kinda know a little about them. 13 yrs of drifting them , playing with them, building them. I tend to follow a little advice I got from a very smart man. K I S S , Keep it simple stupid  you follow this in life and its much smoother of a path you'll walk on. well enough rambling! enjoy the video! or not! 

Filmed with Canon t5 watch in HD. for a greater viewing pleasure!

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