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Club Loose North, NH's #1 spot to skid, party, and be freeeee! 

We have camping the night before nearly every event, its a good way to RELAX from the long work week! seems to be a common statement! "I needed this!" Small fires in a fire pits normally a steel wheel ( with out a tire!)  or a red neck cooking stump with bacon grilling up while boozing with friends. Club loose North is more then just drifting, its a place I like to try to recreate being a kid again, boozing in the woods with friends, hammock tent hanging in the trees, music from the trucks, fires and people laughing and it carrying across the field! ( one of my fav things is hearing people laugh , you know the one... THE LAUGH) 

the cars dont stop rolling in, at all. from 5 pm friday til the events over, people are arriving. at night you hear the younger kids trying to sneek up with there street driven drift cars lol 2 am and a straight pipe sr is LOUD at 2k rpm under load! its just funny to see /hear. the sounds you exp at the night from the cars is kinda cool the road to NHMS is long so you hear them coming and once in NHMS they are slowly driving into camp. bub bub bub brapppppp bub bububbubb llol 

The night sky hear is an amazing site! no light pollution to be had. there is a nice high field that you can sit on and watch sunset , sunrise and enjoy the stars when its clear. For my city folks frannsss they love it! seeing the milky way by eye is pretty awesome. just trying to paint a picture for you, hope its working...

come morning time its a frenzy. tech, drivers meeting, smoke , heat, aweee wish we could go back to camping! haha 

thankfully for the warm bathrooms and hot showers! that NHMS allows us to use! Ill get back to this little story....

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