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Simple Drift Set Up for S13

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Ive been asked many times “what do I NEED to drift.” well you need a rwd car. you can slide it as it is in stock form, it will suck and be tons of work but can be done. BUT fuck all that. here;s a list Ill try to keep in order as you need but that prob wont happen. lol

1st~ weld your fucking DIFF. $50 to any dork with a welder. you want both wheels spinning at all times , a vlsd from nissan isnt gonna cut it. a legit 1.5 or 2 way is ideal but also close to $1000 for them not installed.

2. get some sort of race seat and or wheel is you want , im tall so I added a steering wheel BOSS it and a removal kit for wheel it pushed the wheel itself out prob 3 inches? so I can sit back nadbe comfy as I rip around. the seat is most important as you can be held in place. trying to hold yourself in place is a ton of work on your body, relax! let the seat do the work, ive seen a shop local to mass? that had tons of race seats you can test out and see a good fit. etc etc…

3. Angle. tein inner tie rods and s14 outters are pretty cheap set up and gives you a bit more angle for low buck. lots of guys stop here as its plenty for a basic set up. the reason it gives more angle is the tein inner supplies a 8mm spacer that adds to the throw of the tie rod. many more mods can be added maybe Ill post up again and cont my rambling about suspension and such.

4. coilovers. you want some sort of coilover to help lower car and give it a good ride , lots of the cheaper coils can give you low lows but the ride isnt even worth it. ive never seen a good cheap coil. I run tein type flex in my blue car and love them I have them set to full soft nad run suspension tech sways in front and rear, I have set it this way 5 years ago nad never touched it since. i love it.

5.alignment ~ im not gonna tell you what to set your car at here and now, but just get a fucking alignment to oem specs atleast , dont toss in tons of parts nad have wheels dick toed and shit everywhere. if you set it up to oem specs it will handle asit was meant to.. ill add more alignment info nad settings later on, this is just basic entry shit.

6. good working ebrake! tighten the 10mm nut under the handle nad make sure the calipers are working. a good ebrake system is ideal nad fucking fun. cheap auto zone pads and rotors will do the trick if the cables and calipers work. I again will post more info on ebrake set ups in a later post IE hydro etc etc

7. tires. if you come to a event with fucking snow tires in the front and you wash out into a wall you should fully understand why? get some good tires on the front of your car. I like falken and kenda as they last forever but when im cheap Ill still get a summer / race type tire not a bald grand am tire nah mean?

8. a good open mind and observe the other drivers in the pit nad the track; you will learn more from walking and talking to every driver in a race track pit area then you could EVER on this fucking interweb. so get the fuck off your computer and get to a fuckign track. I may ot may not edit this fucking post.

9. never rely on anyone for anything in drifting , bring your own tires on rims and have every tool you will need to fix your set up. learn to do it yourself. if not you will be spending a ton of money on entry fees and not driving as much.

ill get back to this later on… hope this helped , again its a basic entry set up, with this set up your legit good til you get bored with not having power .

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