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KA24DE-Tunless Setup

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TUNELESS ka24de-t set up.

Parts List

  • ka24de engine
  • 370 cc sr injectors
  • t25, t28, t3t4 turbo at max 7psi
  • OEM ka24de mafs
  • OEM ka24de ecu

Pull timing at distributor 2 degrees to be safe. Not needed but safety 1st <3

You now have 250ish hp for very little money.

Ive had many of my friends use this set up, its tough for me to convince them of the magic in this set up but EVERYONE who has done it thanks me for forcing them into it!

GKC member Rich H tuneless set up shown here. *note Rich lives in nh and drove a nine hour drive to h20i with his Vdub bros! Vdub bros got towed home, Rich drove back! GET LOW GET LOW!

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