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Who are We?

We are #DangDrifters. We do more than just sell drift parts. Our customers are our friends. We slide with them, we ride with them.

Use hashtag #DangDrifters on Instagram and show some Dang Pride. 



Dang Drifters

Dang Drifters was founded in 2006 to fill a need for quality, custom made drift parts. We've been serving the New England drifting community ever since by supporting organizations like Clubloose North, and hosting events at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Our first priority is and will always be drifting. We're in it for the love of the sport and life of the community. We care about our work and our customers. 

Slide with Pride.





About the Owner

I'm Russell Barcomb. I’ve been into driving for over 10 years. I built my car myself. Years ago, as I built my car, I spent A LOT of money on high priced JDM parts. After a few years of that I started to make my own parts to better my car, help my friends improve their driving and save everyone MONEY. I’ve been trying to make drifting in NH and NE bigger and better. Keeping drivers driving is my job! Be it a bash bar to protect from when you hit your buddy in a tandem run, or a set of knuckles to enter ass end first. I’m here to better your drift car and to KEEP DRIFTING FUN! Ive helped 100′s of East Coast / USA guys build cars, from grassroots bro’s to formula d drivers Ive worked on all kinds of Drift cars, Missiles to FD pro cars. Sending knuckles over seas to the UK, Aussie friends, Ireland , etc etc. Many Dang Drifters are all over the world. If you see me around, hit me with a high 5! I’m a big hairy teddy bear…no REALLY!




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